Krasniqi Gartengestaltung

Your specialist in all aspects of modern design of gardens , landscaping, horticulture and gardening is the Krasniqi team. With us you will find the experts on gardening and lifestyle. With our wealth of ideas on gardening , we will surprise you. We are happy to show you on the basis of a garden design , which design options are also possible for you. So when we find every garden lover the desired design for his dream garden : whether modern concrete and clear lines for the esthete , a castle park for the King in us, or a playful garden for the romantics . Dream Gardens would like to be invented. In personal conversations with an individual concept is created . Modern, extravagant , romantic or new age , the appropriate style is tailored to you . Each garden design is characterized by its individuality , our creative freedom as a garden designer allows an unlimited variety in the design. Ideas are outlined and merged. The art of designing is not in the packing of as many good elements, but in the conscious reduction to the essentials . Excellent planning leads to the harmonious interaction between the various design elements of a garden. The ultimate goal is a garden in which you find yourself and feel comfortable . Together we develop a concept which optimally combines aesthetics and usability, and where your personality widerspiegelt.In talks and visits , we feel the different needs of our customers from your wishes and ideas . The outdoor design themes are major concerns , which we are happy to contribute our experience and thus make your garden for personal retreat room for pleasant and recreative hours.
Owner: Avdyl Krasniqi